Saturday, August 21, 2010

Toktumi (talk to me)

We're seeing companies develop some clever names these days. Have you heard of Toktumi? The name is pronounced, "talk to me." Do you get it? It's too bad that VOIP doesn't have such a creative sound to it when you try to read the letters VOIP. 

What is Toktumi? Here's some information from their corporate site:
Founded in 2006, San Francisco-based toktumi has created the most affordable, full-featured virtual home office phone service available to help mobile entrepreneurs retain the flexibility, professional image, and proper home/work balance they need to lead successful lives. Toktumi is distributed nationally by Dell and
Toktumi provides a nice VOIP phone service on your mobile device so that you can leverage the power of the Internet for your clinical practice or small business. You can easily set up a second line and use a single phone or smartphone to receive calls from several different numbers. The virtual office can become a reality through the use of a service like Toktumi. How would you compare different VOIP services? Vonage, Ringbox, and even Google Voice all offer a variety of services and packages that may help you operate more efficiently. However, only a few providers (like Toktumi and Google Voice) allow you to come up with a second phone number that also includes a voice mail box for that number. You can read some Toktumi reviews to get a better idea about how this type of VOIP may benefit your business.

So, what's the benefit of having a second mobile phone number? If you're running an outpatient practice, you can set up a separate number instead of using an answering service so that your patients have a number that they can always call, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. This number can be configured so that different physicians can answer this number at night and on the weekends. This avoids any confusion as to "who's on call tonight?" Your patients can have a number that they can always dial and this would significantly simplify the management of your practice.

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