Sunday, August 22, 2010

Will the all-in-one PC become the new standard?

The all-in-one PC could become the new standard if it became super-easy to replace the CPU. After all, if you purchase an all-in-one that has a large screen (say 23 or 27") and you have plenty of hard drive space and memory, then the only thing you're likely to upgrade in the future is the CPU.

Will desktop PCs evolve in such a way that the all-in-one becomes the new standard? That would certainly eliminate a ton of waste, wouldn't it? It would be much better for the environment if we weren't throwing away so many CPUs, motherboards, and old hard drives.

I've had the opportunity to test the Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z and I've been impressed by way that you can easily open the case to upgrade and replace parts. You don't need any tools to open the back and the components are easy to reach.

I wouldn't be surprised if the future of home and business computing revolved around all-in-one PCs. More and more people are buying laptops over desktops. They don't need the portability, but the like the space-saving design and the convenience factor. For those who need a larger screen for better productivity, the all-in-one will be a better choice than the traditional desktop tower.

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  1. My company,, helps people integrate kinda like you are talking about. Laptop or PC displaying on LCD. . . TV or home theater, then add camera for video conferencing and wireless keyboard / mouse puts you in the easy chair with your remote / iced tea. Can do telemed connections as well.

    We can upgrade the HW / SW when it makes sense to rather than buy new. We also purchase "commercial lease returns", if it can fit the situation, to help keep costs reasonable and be more enviromentally friendly.