Thursday, March 5, 2009

Samsung Isn't Giving Up on the UMPC

Samsung has a long history in the UMPC market. It was one of the first UMPCs that came out when the "origami project" was unveiled. Now, it is preparing to come out with the Q1EX (or NP-Q1EX). Who can keep up with this crazy naming convention?

Since I'm a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC user, I am probably quite biased. My tiny tablet has been a good, functional machine, but it's not a multi-tasking power PC. It has a very slow processor, but in exchange, I get long battery life. It's a compromise, but one that I'm willing to make. In the healthcare field, doctors need to carry these things around everywhere, so portability, durability, and weight are critical factors.

I'm curious to see what people will think about this new Samsung UMPC. The Q1EX lacks any buttons, knows, or keys on the front. They went with a very simple and basic tablet. It almost feels like they went backwards, but maybe they are depending on all the great features that will be included on Windows 7. Multi-touch?Capacitive touch? Doubtful.

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