Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the Apple "Media Pad"?

CNN has a story about the rumored Mac-Tablet (or Media Pad). You can call it what you'd like. I'm sure Apple will come up with a really clever name that has an "i" or "mac" in the name of the device. (iTablet, iNote, MacTablet, MacNote, MacPad, iPad, MediaMac, MacMedia). You can bet that it won't have the letters "PC" in the name, even if it ends up being an ultra-mobile PC.

So what do we know about this device so far? It will be larger than an iPhone, smaller than a MacBook, and it won't have a keyboard. Well, maybe we're not totally sure about the keyboard part yet. My gut tells me that it will be similar to these UMPCs like the Samsung Q1 and Q1 Ultra.

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