Thursday, November 5, 2009

Nice new Fujitsu Tablet PCs with multi-touch screens

There are some nice new Fujitsu Tablet PCs that feature "on-screen gesture manipulation." That's probably one of the most descriptive ways to say "multi-touch." After all, there's still some confusion regarding the phrase "multi-touch," but I think it's becoming less ambiguous now.

I like how Fujitsu clarifies this further by describing the feature as:
  • Dual digitizer (pen input and capacitive multi-touch screen)
The LifeBook T4310 looks like a great value, but the T4410 is a bit lighter. They both feature modular bays for optical drives and extra batteries. That results in a more versatile machine, but it also adds to the bulk of the machine. I like how they both use the same types of batteries.

I'm a big fan of Fujitsu. I used to have a LifeBook P1610 (now they sell the P1630 for a ridiculously high price). Speaking of Fujitsu, how many people bought the tiny little LifeBook U810 or U820? My prediction is that the next version (U830) will feature a capacitive multi-touch screen. I wonder when that will get released.

Multi-touch gestures for tablet computers are built into Windows 7. Have you played with these gestures? I have an older Thinkpad X200 tablet PC that lacks the capacitive multi-touch screen, so I'm unable to use those gestures. However, I still have a dual digitizer with a Wacom-based penabled screen along with a passive touch screen (not capacitive).

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