Sunday, March 3, 2013

TSA Airport Security: Windows 8 slate tablets can stay in your bag

Did you recently get a Windows 8 slate tablet PC? Did you know that you can keep this device in your bag when you get to the TSA airport security checkpoint? Electronic devices that are smaller than a standard laptop can stay in your bag. There is no need to pull them out. The TSA told us this back in 2010.

On a recent trip, I had my ultrabook, a Windows 8 slate, and an iPad mini. In the future, I'd like to leave the ultrabook at home and travel with a Win8 slate and a detachable keyboard.

Eventually, the TSA may change their policies, but I hope that doesn't happen anytime soon.

Win 8 tablets are fully functional Windows PCs that can run enterprise-level applications. Don't get these confused with Windows RT tablets.

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