Thursday, August 20, 2009

HP Mini 5101 netbook

Are all netbooks equal? Not when you have some that are tiny and others that really look like a small laptop. If you're thinking about spending a few hundred dollars for a netbook, consider the HP Mini 510.

The HP Mini 510 netbook received an "Editor's Choice" by Laptop Magazine and 4 out of 5 stars. They say, "This business-friendly netbook offers excellent performance in a durable and attractive design."
* Stylish, durable design
* Comfortable keyboard (this is very important if you're buying a small computer)
* Excellent performance
* Good audio

* Touchpad has too much friction (maybe a tiny bit of grease can fix that problem)
PC Magazine also rates this netbook as "Very Good" (4 out of 5 stars). Here's their Bottom Line: The HP Mini 5101 is much improved version over HP's previous netbooks, but you'll have to pay extra for many of its fringe benefits—if they become available.
Very attractive metallic chassis. 95-percent keyboard is right up there with those on the top netbooks. Mouse buttons are quiet. Bevy of options, including an "HD" resolution, 3G, SSDs and 7,200 rpm HDDs. Good performance scores. 802.11n wireless capability.

Options can bring up the cost significantly and aren't available for purchase yet.
If you're interested in reading the reviews: click here for the PC Magazine review. Want to read some more? Then, click here for Laptop Magazine.

I don't plan to buy a netbook anytime soon. My Thinkpad is small and light enough that I use it most of the time. Also, I have a Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC (and I still have my OQO model 02), so why needs another small computer, right?

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