Wednesday, August 19, 2009

HP EliteBook 2730p

I received the HP EliteBook 2730p tablet PC to review it for a few weeks. This is a great convertible tablet! Although there have been numerous reviews published online, I'm going to approach this from a medical user's perspective. Now remember that my main computer is a Lenovo Thinkpad X200 Tablet PC. I've also had an X41 tablet (along with a few convertible tablets made by Fujitsu and an Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) made by Samsung). So, I've had my share of tablet computers.

Out of the box, the 2730p looks like a very high quality machine. You're not going to find any flimsy plastic on this device. The EliteBook lives up to its name as an "elite" machine. I've used many computers made by HP/Compaq and some have a better build quality compared to others. The 2730p is fantastic.

There's one thing the 2730p has that my Thinkpad lacks: the keyboard night light. To some, this may seem rather silly. However, if you're working in a hospital (say a radiology suite or a dark call room), you may encounter some situations when that keyboard night light can be quite handy.

Expect more from me next week as I dig into this device and compare it to the Thinkpad.

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