Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How many computers do you have at home?

I was sitting next to a man on the airplane today. As I was working on my Lenovo Thinkpad X200 tablet PC (convertible notebook) running Windows 7, he said, "I have 5 computers at home." He told me about his 3 laptops, his desktop, and his netbook.

We started talking about Windows 7, netbooks, iPods, and other fun pieces of technology. I didn't tell him how many computers I have an my home, but it made me wonder: how many computers do most people have these days? As prices stay low and people upgrade to newer, faster machines, what do they do with their old ones? Recycle them? Donate them? Store them in the basement? Convert them to servers or digital picture frames?

By the way, I mentioned that Windows 7 will come in a family pack.


  1. Interesting question. I own an old pentium 4 laptop which I use as a backup, and I have a new U100 netbook from MSI that has a 160GB hard drive and 1 meg of RAM.

  2. Laptop prices have come down dramatically over the past year alone and they will continue to do so as technology advances.