Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why I'd get an HP Slate over an Apple iPad

Here's why I'd get an HP Slate over an Apple iPad:
  • HP Slate has 2 webcams. Current iPad has none.
  • HP Slate supports Adobe Flash (no work-around required).
  • HP Slate runs Windows 7. Won't be waiting for apps to get developed.
  • HP Slate is less expensive (for the same amount of storage space)
  • HP Slate will have a built-in SD card slot.
  • HP Slate will have a built-in USB 2.0 port.
  • I already own an iPod touch (it's like a small iPad).
Here's why I'd prefer the iPad over the HP Slate:
  • Much longer battery life (10 hrs vs. 5 hrs).
I'm a huge fan of both Apple and HP, but when it comes to iPad vs. Slate, I think I'd rather spend the money on the HP Slate. I'm a power user. I'm not just looking for an e-book reader that has a color screen. I'm not looking for a consumer device that's mainly designed for entertainment. I have an iPod touch that can do all of that. 

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