Thursday, June 20, 2013

Samsung ATIV Tab 3 is a slim 8" Windows 8 tablet that is only 8 mm thick

Samsung just announced the Samsung ATIV Tab 3. This is an 8" tablet running Windows 8 and the device is only 8 mm thick. The iPad mini is 7.2 mm thick, so the ATIV Tab 3 is very close. The ATIV also houses a Samsung S Pen - an active digitizer stylus pen for precise inking on the screen. Traditional Tablet PC users may welcome the stylus pen option when running Windows applications.

Sounds like the Samsung ATIV Tab 3 will sell for $699 and come bundled with a keyboard case and Microsoft Office. Samsung claims 8.5 hrs of battery life on this small device.

Will this replace your iPad mini? Given that the ATIV Tab 3 will run Windows 8, that means that you'll be able to run your Windows applications on this small little pocket-sized device. That's definitely an appealing factor.

I wish this device came with an Intel Haswell (4th Gen Core) processor instead of a dual-core Atom processor. I also don't understand why these detachable keyboards lack a built-in pointer. Samsung also announced a hybrid tablet/laptop called the ATIV Q and this device runs both Windows 8 and Android. Plus, it has a keyboard that slides out and that keyboard has a built-in pointer. Shouldn't a built-in pointer be a standard feature?

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