Sunday, December 27, 2009

My current ThinkPad X200 Tablet specs

I currently have a Lenovo ThinkPad X200 Tablet PC and I use this as my main PC when I'm at home or when I'm out of the office. I've had this computer for almost a year and it's been a great device. Here are my current specs:
  • SL9400(1.86GHz), 
  • 4GB RAM, 
  • 320GB 7200rpm HD, 
  • 12.1in 1280x800 LCD Touchscreen (includes an active Wacom digitizer plus a passive touch-screen panel)
  • Intel X4500HD, 
  • Intel 802.11agn wireless, 
  • Bluetooth, 
  • Modem (who still uses these?)
  • 1Gb Ethernet, 
  • HSDPA wireless WAN plus GPS (through AT&T)
  • Secure chip, 
  • X200 UltraBase+CDRW/DVDRW, 
  • FPR (the fingerprint reader is a great security feature on this device)
  • Camera, (great for Skype)
  • Intel Turbo Memory, 
  • 8c Li-Ion and 4c Li-Ion batteries
  • Windows 7 
I upgraded the hard drive and switched the operating system to Windows 7. Those are the only upgrades/updates I performed on this device. Lenovo used to call this screen a "multi-touch" screen, but that phrase was too confusing. My tablet has what I'll call "dual modes": 1) an active Wacom-based digitizer; and 2) a passive touch-screen. I don't have true multi-touch capabilities on this computer.

My Windows Experience Index is a 3.4 (on a scale of 1.0 to 7.9 and the lowest score on this machine is due to the Gaming Graphics. The Processor gets a 5.2, the Memory/RAM gets 5.8, and the Hard Drive gets 5.9. As I prepare for 2010, I don't have any plans of replacing this ThinkPad and I hope to use this for a few years until there's something really compelling that prompts me to upgrade. ThinkPads are built to last and I know that this machine will someday become a fancy tablet toy for my kids.

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